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Committees (Beta Testing)

This page displays the number of committees specified by the site author (10 is the default number). An archive link directs the user to a page with all the committees. Committees are sorted first by importance and then by the first date published.

 Featured committees

Nosotros (Platicas) Committee

Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNLD’s Nosotros conversations are a series of free monthly webinars via Zoom where we spend 90 minutes hearing from disabled and able-bodied Latinx guests and discussing a topic of concern or interest to the disabled Latinx community.

Topics have included mental health, immigration, parents, Puerto Rico, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and science communication during COVID.

Employment & Disability Committee

CNLD is committed to ensuring that disabled Latinxs have the right to equal opportunity and self-sufficiency through employment.

We believe that they should be able to work with accommodations and without fear of losing the supports and services they need to live independently.

Conference Committee

The history of CNLD began with conversations at a conference.

What better way to honor our humble beginnings, share information, and build community than to hold an annual conference with our disabled Latinx community and allies! CNLD aims to hold an annual conference to bring together disabled Latinx activists, practitioners, scholars, and self-advocates, as well as their allies and families, to strategize with, collaborate with, and educate one another.    

Finance Committee

CNLD values the financial support provided to the organization and aims to be a good steward of all funds, allocating resources to programming, events, and workshops dedicated to the empowerment of disabled Latinxs.

We also look to sustain and grow the organization so that we may better serve our community.

Grant Committee

In order to sustain programming, events, and workshops as well as grow as an organization, CNLD must think about and find funding sources beyond donations provided by private donors.

We aim to identify grant programs that align with the mission and vision of CNLD and that allow us to pipeline projects and programs that benefit the disabled Latinx community and the growth of the organization.

Research Committee

CNLD aspires to become a major thinktank dedicated to research and advocacy related to disabled Latinxs.

We want to generate and implement our own research agendas, where the principal investigators are disabled Latinxs and the data collected belongs to the people. We intend to mentor and build the capacity of any individual looking to develop their research skills in serve to the disabled Latinx community.

Immigration Committee

Latinx families are disproportionately impacted by immigration policies in the U.S., and little attention has been paid to how these policies effect disabled Latinxs and their families.

CNLD intends to examine the intersection of disability, Latinidad, and immigration as well as advocate for immigration reform.

Additional committees

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